The Glass Art Guild was very well represented at the recent Glass Craft Expo in Las Vegas. Lori Scharf and I attended and we just about tripped over a Guild member or spouse everywhere we went, especially around the Expo exhibit floor. We also did our customary Italian dinner night at Don Vito’s at the South Point Hotel, again graciously organized by Guild member Pat Wittmann (please join us next year, if you can; contact me or Pat).

Many of the members go to the Expo to take classes as well as to enjoy the great bargains in the exhibit hall. Some of us shared our experiences during dinner. I’ll provide more about some of the new items that Lori & I just loved and more details about our class on metal inclusions with Roy Kapp in separate posts, but here are some brief comments from other members:

Lisa Schlaikjer reported on her class on Internet Success for Artists, by Ann Sanborn, who suggested some ways to put images on your website to help you avoid others infringing on your copywrite. Watermark all your images! Ann also had suggestions for dealing with malware and virus protection and for using key words and “content before cuteness” on your website.

Dana Worley took a class with Janet Schrader on creating more realistic images in glass. Dana hadn’t worked before with a torch and had fun creating components to include in her organic designs in fused glass.

Kathy Watt just raved about her class with Patty Grey, in which she was able to learn many new techniques and make several projects. Patty has a new mold out which Kathy used to fuse some 3/8” stripes at a 45° degree angle in spirit glass—we’ll look forward to seeing this and other new techniques from Kathy at upcoming shows. Kathy highly recommends classes from Patty (as do most of us who’ve taken her classes both in SLC and in LAS).

Member dinner at Glass ExpoGlass expo member dinnerMember dinner at Glass Expo

Mary YoungThis post was written by Mary Young.  When Mary isn’t making glass, she makes the worlds most delicious chocolates!  Mary also serves as the Guild Secretary.