Sometimes it’s difficult to switch gears from making glass art to displaying and selling your glass art. With a season of Christmas shows upon us, Mary Young and I did a fun exercise in updating a booth display with just a can of spray paint and a trip to the thrift story.

First, Mary set up her usual display on my driveway (yes, that is my scary carport full of glass).

Display Before





Mary has some good things going on here, varying visual heights, neutral background and a nice array of pieces.  However, we did find a few things that could be improved upon:

  • The flat plastic tray of earrings on the left is easily overlooked.
  • The clear glass pieces disappear against the white cloth
  • There is a LOT of jewelry on display here
  • The display pieces are all great individually, but don’t look like they go together

After a quick trip to the thrift store, where Mary spent less than $20 on miscellaneous things, a quick spritz with flat black spray paint, and this is Mary’s new display:

Display - After








Let’s look more closely at some of the improvements:

Clear Glass on Contrasting fabric











Here, the clear glass pieces are displayed on black fabric, providing some visual contrast so they don’t get lost.

jewelry display - after










Notice here that Mary located 4 identical sturdy wood boxes, which she painted black and is now using as risers.  She also found some lovely red and black dishes which she is elevating on wire stands, also painted black.

All of the display items are now the same color scheme, which pulls the display together better.

Additional Display - after








Well done Mary!

JodiMcRRusho-6727  Jodi McRaney Rusho recycles every bottle she meets into art, sometimes before it’s empty!  She also writes ridiculously useful tutorials about how to make recycled glass art.