Kaleen Knight

My inspiration to create art comes from nature—what I see around me. My favorite thing about working in fused glass is learning new techniques; when you try new things all the time, you are constantly exploring.

When asked ‘what does art mean to you?’ my answer is ‘The World.’ You have to see the world through eyes that see it as art; everything I see makes an impression on my mind. Creating art, to me, means making things of beauty. Creating art makes me feel happy—that’s why I do it. I want people to react to my art by appreciating the beauty of it. I also like to see that the art speaks to them.

I like to do it all! To create all types of fused glass art, including jewelry, functional pieces, and other types.

I like to have tremendous variety in my glass art creations; I don’t want to always do things the same way; I sometimes like to create bubbles in glass or use other unusual techniques.

The emotion that I wish to convey to other people through my art is joy.

When I say that a glass piece has turned out really well, I mean that I did the technique correctly and there are elements that make me happy—that speak to my inner soul.

As far as themes or patterns go, right now I like to work with things that are hidden, like animals under the sea, people’s faces hidden in flowers, leaves, bushes, and clouds.

Artists who have influenced my work include Monet, Cezanne, Seurat, and Degas.

Kaleen can be reached at kaleen.knight@gmail.com.