Andrea Malouf

While my world as an English Professor and professional writer has been one of words and written texts, I’m fascinated by the narratives visual glass arts reveal.

Often the stories are hidden, almost always personal, and reflect my interests in the whimsy of nature, history in repurposed recycled glass, and the ways in which the medium of glass can be both beautiful and practical—whether worn as an accessory or used as an everyday household item. I enjoy the way geometric shapes tell a story for me, but also how the viewer might see another story in that work.

Over the last seven years, I’ve worked glass to create jewelry, ornaments, nightlights, food trays and artistic displays.

As in writing, glass art remains a contender of how we share our thoughts and ideas; and if put to practical use, in addition to an item of beauty, we then share stories.     801.560.5266