Joseph Perretto

Joe Peretto Landscape

Fused Glass Landscape

What art means to me is freedom…freedom to create.

I particularly enjoy working with glass because of what happens when you open up the kiln and see if it worked or not. That anticipation is the fun part, to me.

My inspiration comes from everywhere! Graffiti on the wall can become an abstract piece. A painting on the wall can inspire a landscape. Sometimes I’ll buy a piece of glass and it’ll sit in my studio for some time, while I process what I’m going to do with it.

When people see my art, I’d like them to react by just enjoying what they see. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Let them be happy when they see the piece.

I don’t have a favorite color or technique—the colors are random, because the glass is so random. Some of it is just gorgeous, such as splatter pieces, when you purchase the glass itself.

Joe Peretto Abstract

Abstract Design

The themes that appear in my work are landscapes, which I have my own style with. And I like abstracts, because they’re so random. There’s no rhyme or reason with them.

My favorite thing about creating glass art is the opportunity to make things, to create things that are pleasing to my eye. Some things are beautiful and some are ugly—in the artist’s eye. I think it’s all in the presentation—a nice frame can transform an ugly piece.

The artists who have influenced my work are Van Gogh, Picasso, and several American painters.

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