Lori Scharf

Lori Scharf at the OpeningI like to produce large pieces and also like to play with little jewelry pieces. Some of my ideas come from my love of dogs (including jewelry pieces and breed-specific platters/wall-hanging art). I have been having fun with the new crackle techniques that I learned from Bob Leatherbarrow.

What I love about working with glass is that glass sparkles. It’s reflective, it’s refractive, you can get it to do almost anything that you would like it to do, and it’s just beautiful to look at!

In my professional life, my job is never completed. I’m a project person, so I enjoy having a project that I can start and see a finished product. I do glass work because I like it—I like to enjoy it in my house and use it—if it sells, that’s extra icing on the cake, but I do it mostly for my enjoyment.

Inspiration and subject matter are not always easy—ideas don’t necessarily freely flow. The animal pieces that I create come out of my love for dogs. Other ideas come from something that will inspire me or sometimes an event happens, I get an idea and write it down.