Kathi Olsen


Kathi started working in fused glass in 2003. She has taken classes in Salt Lake City, Utah and Portland, Oregon. She has had no formal art training but has experimented with several different art forms in the past and has found great enjoyment with the elegance and reflective qualities of glass.
Glass is a medium the magnifies and projects light into the environment as well as your soul and to see pieces come together in a new project can be a wonderful experience. When you play with glass, you do need to be prepared to get cut and burned! However, it is really worth the occasional accidental cut or burn to see new things happen. Sometimes when you open the kiln, you are pleasantly surprised and other times really excited at how things come out. There are times when you open the lid, kind of groan, shut the lid and tell yourself that you’ll deal with it later. The size and type of work that can be done may be limited by the size of your kiln, but you can really let your imagination run wild as to your own personal style or influence from what you see around you in or in other people’s works.
Kathi’s work is greatly influenced by her love of animals and as a result, most of her works involve some kind of animal. Mostly horses, cats, dogs and birds. There are occasional butterflies or dragonflies added into the piece. She tries to make pieces that are happy and make people smile.