Fused glass mold-making fun!

In March 2019, several members of the Glass Art Guild of Utah participated in a mold-making workshop taught by fellow guild member, Jodi McRaney-Rusho. We learned about white clay and how to knead, roll, and shape the clay to our desired forms. Several students made texture tiles that can be used to create a pattern in fused sheet glass. Other students made plate and bowl molds in unique shapes. These molds will be used to slump or drape glass. Glass casting molds were also explored. Jodi used her ceramic kiln to fire the tiles and molds to a bisque state, which makes them capable of withstanding the high temperatures used with fused glass.

We are looking forward to seeing the glass pieces created from these fun ceramic and plaster molds!

For other fun and informative fused glass classes offered by the guild or its members, check our Classes section of the web site!