Dana Worley

Even as a child, I needed to create. I started by weaving pot holders, then sewing doll clothes, and making paper flowers and Dip-a-Flowers (remember those?). By the time I was in high school I was making my own clothes. I have worked with crocheting, cross-stitching and needlepoint, quilting, rug-hooking, fabric marbling, paper-making, stained glass, and jewelry making. You name it, I have likely tried it at least once.

Jewelry making led me to fused glass. I started creating my own beads for my designs, and soon purchased a small kiln for annealing the beads. That’s where it started. As I read the manual I learned that you could MELT GLASS IN THE KILN – I was mesmerized! I fired my first little squares of glass, and I was instantly hooked.

Fused glass quickly became my passion. As my passion in creating art glass grew, so grew my desire to share the beautiful things I create with others. Nothing can compare to seeing something that I have created bring joy to someone who loves it as much as I do.

Many glass artists do production work, but I rarely create more than one of an item unless it’s part of a set or a series. I enjoy working with a wide range of techniques, which leads to a lot of variety in my designs. Recently, I have been focusing on powdered and crushed glass techniques to create texture and visual interest in my work.

Fused glass is a perfect blend of scientific process and creative expression. Through my work I hope to raise visibility and inspire others to see kiln-formed glass as a true, fine art. My home studio lies in the foothills of Cache Valley in Northern Utah. While I am originally from the Southern US, I have called Utah my home since 1989. The beautiful high mountain desert in which I live and its surrounding areas provide much of the inspiration for my work.

Dana maintains a blog about fused glass techniques at http://jestersbaubles.blogspot.com/

Dana Worley, Fused Glass Designs, www.jestersbaubles.com