Dana Worley

An open window. A notch in a tree. A closed box. Curiosity compels many of us to look inside. Using glass, I create spaces that entice you to look inside and contemplate what lies within.

I began working with stained glass in the early 1990s and discovered fused glass in 2009. While I am creative, I am also very analytical. Fused glass is a perfect blend of scientific process and creative expression. I make my home in the foothills of Northern Utah. This beautiful high mountain desert, its surrounding areas, and my travel experiences provide inspiration for my work. Using a variety of techniques, I strive to tell a story with color, texture, and design elements in my art.

My work has been on display in art galleries and juried shows throughout Utah. I am a board member and web master for GAGU, and a member of The Artists’ Co-op Logan. I maintain a blog on fused glass at jestersbaubles.blogspot.com and author articles on fused glass for industry-specific magazines.

In my full-time job, I work as a Project Manager for a scientific instrumentation company. I enjoy spending time outdoors hiking, biking, and taking pictures.

Dana Worley, Fused Glass Designs, www.jestersbaubles.com