In Memory of Laurie Burns

It is with great sorrow that I say good bye to a dear friend and fellow
artist. I remember Laurie as always being bright and cheerful, full of
ambition and creativity. It was in the early days of the local fused glass
movement when I meet Laurie through the local glass scene. She and I, along
with the other core Guild members, had taken a few classes together and were
meeting from time to time to discuss what we were working on and what new
information was available. We all were interested in promoting our work and
as equally important promoting fused glass and educating the local
community in general as to what this art form was about.

I remember Laurie saying ‘we should form a guild or an organization of
glass artists to promote what we were doing.’ I remember her saying that
very well because I thought to myself at the time ‘what a silly idea that
was.’  It didn’t take long for me to realize how wrong I was and that
indeed it was a great idea and did exactly what Laurie had envisioned it
would. I consider Laurie to be the Mother of the Glass Art Guild of Utah
for having the vision to create it, the ambition to organize it and the
determination to keep it going through those early difficult years to make
it into the great organization it is today. She will be greatly missed.

Kerry Transtrum

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