Kerry Collett

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Kerry has always balanced two needs—to create something beautiful and to teach. She was highly involved in theater in high school and received her degree in secondary education. Later she was her church choir director. In 1998, she read an article about Kristen Frantzen-Orr in a magazine, which included her step-by-step process for creating a flower bead. She’d had no idea that could be done—it intrigued her and she had to try it. That Christmas, her husband gave her a beginning glass kit, and she began to teach herself to create glass art.
Kerry has been doing torchwork (or lampwork) for about 12 years, fused glass for 10 years, and stained glass for over 3 years. She currently works in glass mosaics, kiln-formed glass, lampworking, and stained glass, but she is interested in all types of glass work. She teaches beginning and intermediate torchwork, stained glass pendants, and fused glass jewelry. One compliment that she pays herself is she is a good teacher.
Kerry has mostly created jewelry, but she is currently getting into creating bigger pieces, as she’s gained access to a bigger kiln. The artists who have influenced include Kristen Frantzen-Orr, Lydia Muell, and some of her artist friends.
Her goals for the future are to focus, to try to narrow her natural tendency to be all over the place with glass, to make certain techniques really hers.

For current class information please visit Kerry’s web site:

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