Phil Martineau

An engineer by training, my glass career started when I began experimenting with making glass telescope mirrors using a kiln.   As time moved on, I used my kiln for making decorative ceramic landscape pictures and tabletops and then I moved on to fusing glass. 

I currently live in Millcreek and enjoy fusing glass for fun.  Pictured are some of the creations I have made for my own enjoyment, gifts, or auction fundraisers for organizations I support. I like experimenting, so recently I used my engineering skills and glass fusing abilities to create a glass and metal wind turbine.  It is my biggest project so far.  As you can see from the samples below, I love color and movement.

My wife and I share the kiln and encourage each other in new experiments.  I look forward to working with the Glass Art Guild of Utah as I am always interested in looking at other people’s glass work and learning from their experiences and creations. 


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Phil Martineau



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