Amber Scheid

Art has always been an important part of my life whether it be drawing, painting, music, or otherwise, but glass art holds a special fascination for me.  As with many young girls, I was in love with horses and I drew them all the time; this is probably where it all started.  My love of glass began with etching mirrors in an arts & crafts class in high school and have been doing it ever since; eventually evolving into other glass art forms including fusing, casting, painting on glass, and gilding of glass.

I also enjoy playing piano and cello (though I am no expert in either) and I love composing music.  I played and sang in a symphonic metal project for a while but performance was never my strong suite; I am much happier composing and creating (in all art forms).

I find inspiration from things that stir a strong emotion, whether light or dark in nature, and things which have a strong cultural element to them.  Sometimes my work is inspired by pieces of music and others in scenes or experiences.  Things that I perceive as beautiful, powerful, or passionate in whatever form they may take.

I love being able to create things which interesting and unique.  Every artist gives a piece of themselves in the art they create; I enjoy sharing the work I do.