Amber Scheid

I have been working with glass-based art for over 30 years, fused glass for around 12 years.  Although I have worked with several different media in my artistic journey, glass has always resonated with me more deeply than others.  Glass provides the clearest path to self-expression and is my artistic home.


I have always found inspiration in nature and emotion.  However, over time, my art has grown to be a direct expression of my emotional journey.  The good, the bad, the dark, the light, my hope, and my pain.  My pieces allow me to accept scars, embrace imperfections, and find the intrinsic beauty in all aspects of our emotions. Sometimes this is embedded in the art itself; more recently it sometimes takes on a direct expression in the form of kintsugi with glass, though I still have much to learn.

I believe every artist gives a piece of themselves in the art they create; the greatest reward I can receive is when my work gives something emotional or inspirational to someone outside of myself.


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Amber Scheid