Diane Whittaker

What I enjoy about working with glass is transformation and metamorphosis. Glass begins as a raw element—common desert sand—from which humans extract silica and create glass. Skilled craftsman then turn the glass into beautiful objects. The depth and transparency of glass adds a richness to glass art not found in other mediums.

For me, creating glass art is soothing, healing and relaxing. It’s a metaphor for life—we start out from dust, the raw elements of the earth, and what do we make of our lives? Sometimes, like glass, we crack in the kiln under pressure, and sometimes we gain greater depth of character after we’ve been through the fires of life. There’s a spiritual aspect for me, as well as a creative and technical outlet.

I can’t say that I have a favorite color, tool, or technique. I like all colors, all techniques, and all tools! I kind of have “project ADD” because I love all of them. My pieces are very different from each other: painting on glass, copper foil, strip construction and tapestry glass. Actually, I haven’t met a glass technique that I didn’t like.

When I think about how I want people to react to my glass, I realize that every piece is different. Every type of fused glass technique is going to evoke a different reaction. I’d like people to enjoy my work, but I’d also like people to put their own story and their own interpretation into the piece. The artist has a story that they put into the piece and the viewer has their own story. Both are accurate.
I get my inspiration from other artists in many mediums. There’s a book called Steal Like An Artist—you see others’ work, and then do your take on it.

What I’m currently working on is learning to create images on glass using frit and enamel paints. My goal is to continue learning new techniques to incorporate into my work.

Contact: dianebwhittaker at gmail dot com