Artist Statement

My favorite thing about my work is just knowing that I made it. I get inspiration for my glass art from everywhere. I create mostly fused glass art, but also work with sandblasting designs on glass and mirrors. I am interested in all kinds and techniques of glass art.

I do a lot of ocean things and am inspired by the ocean (I’ve gone to the ocean just once…)

I like cool colors, like blues and purples. I don’t like yellow. But sometimes I get random urges to use colors I don’t like and combinations I don’t like. My favorite color is turquoise. It’s pretty, relaxing, and complements other colors well.

I feel that a piece has turned out well when it makes me think: cool, awesome, fabulous…I would buy it if it wasn’t my own piece.

My goals in art are to become better, meaning more skilled, and more able to convey what I want.