Connie Lundberg

connie lMy journey working with glass started in 1978 with stained glass.  I worked with both leaded and copper foil methods of stained glass for several years until life got hectic.

I picked up the fused glass bug around 2007.  What an addiction!  I currently work with fused glass, stained glass, and some sandblasting of glass, often combining tech­niques in my projects.

I am a person who loves bright colors, always have been and probably always will be.  As a child, my favorite color in the Crayola box was magenta.  I am currently intrigued by mixing bright colors together by the “screen melt” method.  The glass literally melts through a screen, producing an amazing array of swirling glass color.  There is no end to the combinations of colors you can create.

The focus of my glass inspiration has taken a turn south to Arizona.  As a “Snowbird” to Maricopa, Arizona in the winters, the Southwest desert landscape and Native American culture are fueling my creative imagination at this time.  They are definitely influencing all my work and color combinations.  The coyotes, jack rabbits, and cacti are starting to materialize in glass.  I hope to have the “construction” of my web­site done soon so you can all keep an eye out for the new creations.

Contact me by email, at or see my new website:

Sand Carved Grapes