Deborah Byrnes

I came to love glass fusing when I met my husband who had a kiln and was already enjoying creating fused glass art. One of our early fun times together was when he offered to show me how to fuse glass.

While I had previously dabbled in stained glass art, my orientation to glass needed some serious readjusting when it came to kiln work.  There were many humorous moments as I adjusted to how glass behaves when it is fused.  Now, I love the never-ending challenges of working with fused glass.  Just when I think I can anticipate the results, there are surprises – some amazing and some that are heartbreaking.

While certain types of pieces are fun to create time and again, I enjoy trying new techniques and deciding which ones I want to pursue further.  I am a recycler, so I enjoy creating designs using scrap glass and glass from projects that didn’t work in their original form.  I have been experimenting with creating outdoor fused glass objects and that has added to the beauty and whimsy of our newly xeriscaped yard.

I am a retired professor of education and I still enjoy teaching.  My husband and I like to introduce friends and family to the joy of glass fusing and at times auction off an evening of glass fusing for organizations we support.  As a volunteer tutor I once taught a class of local 2nd graders a science lesson starting with volcanic lava and ending with a fused glass experience. What fun!


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