Linda Kalmar

Linda Kalmar, Owner, Sassy Glass Studio


Glass Maker Statement

The alchemy from sand and some minerals through the process of intense fire to beautiful, shiny, strong glass is a wonderment to me.


Part science, part art, part luck, the artist creates glass that is an art piece, a platter, a sculpture, a soap dish, a wind chime a wall piece. Large or small, no matter what the creation or how experienced the glass artist, every time a new piece is born in fire it’s like the best day!


During my travels in a career in the hospitality industry, I found myself drawn to glass galleries, museums, work shops and studios where I could see glass makers at work. I decided to retire and set up my own studio two years ago. It continues to be a work in progress.


I consider myself more a “Maker” of glass art and I am still experimenting and taking classes in what has turned out to be an obsession with glass. I like to do funny, whimsical, pop pieces as well as dreamy organic pieces. I recently met another artist who opened my eyes to what I could create with plain old float glass and am as proud of the 2 pieces done I did with flat glass as I am with some of the very expensive glass available.


I currently have pieces available at the Art At The Main Gallery ( and Evergreen Gallery, Inc. ( I will soon have work in Jackson, Wyoming and Scottsdale, Arizona