Mike Hurst

HurstbioMike Hurst is an Ogden, Utah based lampworker who specializes in unique pendants, jewelry, marbles and more. He began working with glass in January of 1994. Since that time he has passionately studied and practiced the art, always striving to perfect his techniques and learn something new. In addition to lampworking, Mike has experience with glass fusing, glass etching and neon sign making.

Mike’s work is inspired by nature’s beauty, pop culture, the strange and macabre. Halloween is his favorite holiday, which is noticeable in his work. Hurst’s evil eye jewelry has become some of his most popular items and his signature pieces.

Mike has been featured in Glass Line magazine and several local publications.

He sells his work online, locally at galleries and at arts festivals and farmers markets.


DSCN1508 C&R  DSCN1923 C&R for Summerfest
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 DSCN8260 C&R Nebula pendant
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