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Beginning Torchwork (2-part class)

Have you watched people at the torch at fairs and marveled at the skill? Learning to make your own glass beads at the torch is a great way to begin! Learn the secrets to making a perfectly round bead, pull straight stringers and how to decorate that bead using different techniques. Soon you’ll be making your own unique jewelry using one of a kind glass beads!

Instructor: Kerry Collett

Dates/location: February 12 & 19, 2019, at Highland High School from 6-8 p.m.

To register: Go to:  Or find the catalog here:

Beginning Fused Glass Jewelry

A great introduction to the world of melting glass in a kiln, making fused glass jewelry is easy and fun! Learn tricks of controlling temperature, design and how to avoid common mistakes in fusing. Each participant will create 4-5 pieces of their own beautiful jewelry to wear with a smile!

Instructor: Kerry Collett

Dates/location: February 13 & 20, 2019, at Highland High School from 6-8 p.m.

To register: Go to:  Or find the catalog here:

Copper Foil Overlay Part 2

Tuesdays, February 12 & 19 6:15 pm – 9:00 pm
$189 Materials and Glass Included
This is a technique-based class working primarily with foil & solder. No glass cutting for this class. Copper Foil overlay can be used by the stained or fused glass artist. In this class we will build on techniques from the first class and learn to add copper wire, glass cabochons and color to our soldered overlay design. You will leave with a finished, mounted piece to hang and skills that can be used for future projects. Although you can certainly do foil overlay on 1 layer and or piece of traditional stained glass sheet, but for this class you will be creating your overlay on a fused glass tile. Photos of examples are NOT the exact color of the tiles for class projects. *Examples are designs only. Class project size finished is 9 x 10 Diane has hand selected the glass for the tiles for this class, and don’t worry, it’s good. *The first class is Not a required prerequisite. Anyone with copper foil soldering experience is invited to register. Students will select (1) design from the two choices shown: 1) Blue Heron Cattails as shown above OR (2) Passion Flower Botanical Print.
Instructor: Diane Whittaker
To register: Call (801) 487-2773 or email

Lentil Necklace Workshop $148 

February 10 Sunday 1:00pm – 2:30 pm
February 17 Sunday 1:00pm – 3:00 pm
This class will introduce you to the fundamental concepts of Kiln-Formed glass and jewelry making. This two day workshop will expose several techniques in one class. Day one will teach you how to prep lentil molds for frit glass casting and how to layer different glasses for design elements for your glass pendants. Each student will make two types of glass lentil pendants. You will receive firing schedules for all firings. Sarinda will cold work the edges for your lentil glass pendants between classes to expedite the workshop.

Day two will focus on jewelry making and assembling your choice of one of the two lentil glass beads you created. There will be conversations of what other jewelry items that could be made with your glass lentil beads.  Each student will have one finished glass lentil bead necklace with a chain and clasp.

This class is for beginners as well as for advanced student’s.
Lentil bead molds will be available for purchase at the time of workshop for your private creating needs at $38.00 per mold kit. Please note that mold kit will come with bead mold, mandrels, bead release.

Instructor: Sarinda Jones
Location: Sarinda’s Art Studio, 422 West 900 South STE 105, Salt Lake City UT, 84101

Powders + Enamels $239

March 4 Monday 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm
March 11 Monday 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm
Want to create glass panels with great dimension and depth?
This two-day workshop will inspire you to create in layers of glass powders and the drawn line of enamels. Students will learn how to apply enamel to glass layers,  stack sheet glass for full fuse firing to create a solid 6-millimeter thick artwork. The result is creating depth of interest within a relatively thin glass. Lending to an art piece instead of a functional piece. Combining these two techniques will lend to multiple options to be used in various ways in your work, the options are endless.

The emphasis of this workshop is the processes involved in creating dimension in glass panels. This is not primarily a painting workshop, we will go over mark-making and the uses to create interest.  Topics covered include design orientation and image selection, a layout, discussion of enamels and how they respond to fusing temperatures, painting mediums, how to mix and apply enamels and powder glass, firing schedules, bubble control, proper kiln loading and potential finishing techniques. 

Students can expect to complete several experiments to lend in answering questions prior to working on the main project. Please bring to the class printed inspired images for compositions for the main project, note taking materials/sketch book, respirator or dust mask.
Instructor: Sarinda Jones
Location: Sarinda’s Art Studio, 422 West 900 South STE 105, Salt Lake City UT, 84101

Saturday, March 16, 2019

Learn to pull glass cane and make your own MurrineCane is a rod of glass, Murrine refers to a pattern within the glass rod. Murrine production first appeared in the Middle East more than 4,000 years ago and was revived by Venetian glassmakers on Murano in the early 16th century.

This class will cover:

What is vitrigraph,
What makes a vitrigraph kiln,
What makes a vitrigraph pot,
Kiln firing schedule,
What equipment/tools is needed to pull/cut cane,
What glass products are produced from a vitrigraph pot, Using murrine in art.

You will learn the methods and techniques to make murrine from Stainless Steel pots developed by Wayne over the past 3 years.

This is a one and a half day class. The first day (Saturday) is about a 4-5 hour classroom with all students in attendance ( no safety or equipment or special dress is required). The next part of the class will be by an appointment made by pairs of students who will take turns pulling cane, then cutting cane for about 2 hours on the day/time of their choice ( 10 am through 6pm subject to Wayne’s schedule).

Each pair of students will split approximately 5 pounds (80 oz ) of murrine. Only one pull per day is scheduled. A manual 1/2 ton cane cutting machine will be available for student use. All glass used in class will be COE 96 Spectrum/Oceanside. Students must have their own eye protection glasses when pulling cane and using the cane chopper. On the day of the pull, It is recommended that students wear a long sleeve crew neck cotton sweatshirt and close-toe shoes. All required glass, tools, gloves and dust mask will be provided by Wayne. All students will pull the same color pattern of murrine so we can keep the class cost down. Retail value of murrine produced in this class is about $10/ounce plus postage (Etsy).

Cost $230/pp – $100 deposit required one week before class starts. Cancellation refund will be on a case basis. Send $100 via PayPal to or mail a check to Wayne at 738 Walden Hills Dr, Murray, UT 84123. Remaining costs must be paid prior to start of class. All classes to be held at Wayne’s house. Classroom work starting at 10 am on Saturday 16, 2019 Refreshments served 30 minutes prior to class and during a small break.

Minimum class size is 4 students.

Instructor: Wayne Jacobsen

On-going Classes

The following Guild members teach classes locally:

Jack Bowman

Classes in Introduction to Kiln Formed Glass, Intermediate and Advance Kiln Formed Glass.

Private lessons available upon request. Contact Jack at:

Kerry Collett

Celt Craft Designs – I teach several classes at different studios or at my home studio in Layton, Utah. You can contact me at to schedule a class.

Sarinda Jones

Sarinda Jones, a kiln-formed glass artist, with a background in fine art and art history. She studied at the internationally renowned Pilchuck Glass School, as well as North Lands Creative Glass in Scotland. An award-winning artist, she was a Niche Finalist in 2010. Sarinda shows her work internationally and has been commissioned to create a variety of glass sculpture pieces for private and commercial patrons. She had been a board member of the Salt Lake Arts Council for Public Art from 2009-20016.  Sarinda taught at Corning Museum of Glass in Corning, NY in Feb. 2014 and as recently June 2017.

Jodi McRaney Rusho

Glass With a Past – Jodi specializes in teaching techniques using recycled glass. Information on in-studio, on-site, and on-line classes available on Jodi’s web-site.