Suzanne Larson

Coyote Fence
I enjoy engaging people in my art. My pieces reflect my ability to envision interesting possibilities in the mundane. It is about taking something that’s thought of as two-dimensional and making it visually three-dimensional. It’s about taking something brittle and making it soft. The glass weaving is about the visually impossible (like MC Escher’s work). I am alternately fascinated by texture, color and how things work.

I have benefited from both formal studies in the arts, as well as education in vision, color, music, rhythm and words during my childhood in the United States and France, and from mentors throughout my life.

My award winning art has been shown at Red Butte Gardens, Salt Lake City Public Library, Hogle Zoo’s World of the Wild Exhibition, the Utah Cultural Celebration Center, the Patrick Moore and Charley Hafen Galleries in Salt Lake, the Phoenix Gallery in Park City, the Springville Museum of Art in Utah, and at Quan’tum Art in Chandler, Arizona.

If you look at my art and smile, I’ve been successful.

Clear Glass Woven Vessel







Sienna Bubble Bowl