Wayne Jacobsen

Wayne started his professional career as a geologist; quickly realizing that a higher degree was the key to a more challenging future. After earning a Master’s Degree in engineering from the University of Arizona he spent 30 years as a mining engineer working on projects all over the world…gold, copper, molybdenum and other hard rock minerals.

Early on he realized that he had another creative desire that led him first to black and white photography and then to glass. He first learned stained glass techniques in 1979. He followed this hobby for many years, perfecting his technique using his engineering skills to create pieces that were not only pleasing to the eye but structurally sound. His cuts were made with unique precision resulting in pieces with a depth of detail not often achieved by the hobbyist.

After retiring from the mining industry, he discovered kiln-fused glass. He started with creating birds, flowers and butterflies for the garden. Not long after his first lessons, the student became the teacher, quickly acquiring a following of students wanting to learn his techniques for “garden art.”

He has moved on to include focal point sculptural glass objects, unique themed plates, woven pieces and vessels. His passion is to push the “envelope” of his creativity and experiment with techniques to produce objects of beauty and often with a bit of whimsy. He takes inspiration from nature and sometimes the style of painters he admires – but his work is always a reflection of his attention to structural detail and characteristics of the glass he is working with.

He is a member of the Glass Art Guild of Utah and he has won awards in both 2012 and 2013. He accepts custom and commissioned work.

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