Another Successful Red Butte Show

red-butte-2013-frontThe Glass Art Guild of Utah conducted its 11th Gardens from November 8 through December 8, 2013. Twenty-five Guild artists submitted over 450 pieces of glass art, with a wide range of glass techniques, sizes, and prices. Red Butte sold 222 pieces amounting to over $13,460 in sales, with over $9600 going to our artists.

Red Butte tells us this is the best show they have each year and their employees and patrons look forward to buying special Christmas gifts at the show. Red Butte is a special place for Guild artists to show their glass because its large windows provide unique natural lighting which shows off this diverse array of glass. Guild artists include a wide range of talents and experience, from hobbyists who create glass art in their basement or garage to nationally and even internationally renowned glass artisans.

GAGU appreciates our esteemed judges from the 2013 show: Gretchen Dietrich, director, UMFA, Becca Maksym, assistant curator, UMOCA, and Lara Griffin, artist, glass collector.

Our 2013 Winners:

Lampwork – Mike Hurst – body of work
Kiln fired – Jodi McRaney Rusho – body of work
Jewelry – Connie Lundberg – body of work

Lampwork – Mike Hurst – Pink/purple Vortex
Kiln fired – Howard Farmer – On Edge
Jewelry – Kathy Watt – Large Teardrop Pendant

Cheryl Mertz – Parallel Universe

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