Incorporating Texture Tiles in Stained Glass – Guest Post

What can you do with a texture tile?

It’s fun to play with clay – it’s a nice change from glass – but once you’ve made that awesome texture tile what do you do with it? There is a detailed blog post here if you want to create your own: Texture Tile Molds for Fused Glass Thanks Jodi McRaney Rusho and Glass With a Past!
Since I already had some autumn leaf colored glass on hand I thought I’d start with this tile:
 I didn’t have a final project in mind, I just started out making some leaves and let the inspiration take over… First was a gold square.
 Next came the bright red square.
After a fail with a green square I tried some clear glass with confetti glass spread on the tile. Then I laid it all out with a nice colorful border and clear nuggets.

Copper was the perfect color to accent my glass choices so I foiled each piece and soldered it all together. Because the texture tile pieces were pretty uneven at the edges I used a decorative soldering technique.

Cleaned and polished and it’s all ready to hang in a window. Finished size: 16.5″ x 16.5″

This lovely piece is available for purchase at the Glass in the Garden Show at Red Butte Garden.

About the Author:Cheryl PetersonNerd by day, glass artist by night. When I’m not hanging out in the virtual world on Symantec Connect I’m working on glass – stained glass and fused glass. Lead and copper foil, custom designs and restorations, glassware and jewelry. Red Dragon Glass Art and Red Dragon on Etsy

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