Artist in Residency – Guadalupe School – Part 2

Our second day of the Artist in Residency with the Guadalupe School summer program was using recycled glass to create modified Fossil Vitrae.

The glass that the students used was all donated and was originally shelving for the Red Butte Garden Gift Shop.  We were delighted to be able to have this resource available.

Modified Fossil Vitrae is done using leaves, flowers, dirt, sand and other organic materials.  Sandwiching the items between layers of glass and fusing them gives the students a blank slate to practice their artistic skills and imagination.

Guild member Jodi McRaney Rusho instructed the class about all of the different variations that were possible and encouraged the children to be creative and explore with their materials.

The students were assisted by Guild members:  Matt Jackson, Cindy Larson and Mary Young, as well as members of the Guadalupe School.

More exciting photos can be seen in the Deseret News.

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