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Dana Worley’s Bubble Designs

finishedAfter the bubble pieces I did for the Warmglass magless exchange this year, I have been wanting to get back to experimenting more with bubbles. I had so much fun with the baking soda that I decided to purchase some Unique Glass Color artisan paints. UGC’s artisan line is formulated to create bubbles when it is sandwiched between two pieces of glass. I thought it would be interesting to use the paint as my bubble medium, rather than baking soda like I did for the maglesses. Click here to read about the procedure on Dana Worley’s blog …

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Intentional Bubbles

by Dana Worley

Bubbles can be the proverbial bane of a fused glass artist’s existence. Much care goes into eliminating bubbles from the finished piece. I have always been less concerned than I probably should be. I kind of LIKE bubbles, unleDanas Bubblesss they are the huge, oh-my-goodness-something-went-terribly-wrong kind of bubbles.

As I pondered bubbles, I thought, “wouldn’t it be cool if I could actually control those bubbles?”. So I set out on these experiments.

We all know that any pocket of air in a piece is likely to create bubbles. I decided to intentionally create pockets in a controlled shape, and then accentuate the bubbles by using an off-gassing agent. Check out this tutorial to create your own controlled bubbles.

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Bullseye Reactive Glass Demonstration

One of the advantages of being a member of the Glass Art Guild of Utah is the opportunity for learning new techniques or getting a better understanding of techniques you already know something about. This weekend we had our first Guild meeting of 2014, and we were fortunate enough to have Devon Willis from Bullseye glass give a presentation about Bullseye’s reactive glass. Please see Dana Worley’s excellent blog entry for more information.

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May General Meeting

The May General Meeting was well attended and had lovely food, thank you to the Catering Committee!

Guild Member Kaleen Knight did a demo about Precious Metal Clay.  She is teaching a class for members soon, if you are interested, please contact Lori Scharf.

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Metal Inclusions by Roy Kapp – Guest Blogger

This post written by Mary Young

Metal Inclusion Projects

Lori & I both took Roy Kapp’s class on metal inclusions, having had very mixed success with metal inclusions with our glass (lots of large bubbles!). We were so impressed by his class and his teaching style that Lori has talked to him about coming to SLC to offer a couple of workshops next spring. So, we won’t reveal all his secrets. Continue reading

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More Fun in Vegas – New Glass Products

Guest Post by Mary Young

Lori & I especially like to visit the Glass Craft Expo exhibit hall to buy new things that have just come out and to get great prices on things we always use.
One of my favorite booths, where I get jewelry findings and some fun inexpensive metal objects to attach glass cabochons to, is Visions in Stained Glass ( They haul their stuff from Florida and so don’t bring too much of their heavier stuff, so I try to hit them as early as possible before they run out of their good and inexpensive stuff. I also found some fun sepia slides there. See their website for some great values.
Lori found some new styles of bracelet molds and new bracelet findings at Jayne Persico’s booth (
Coatings by Sandberg (CBS) had some new and positively dazzling dichroic glass patterns (which you’ll soon see in Lori’s humongous bowls), and they also have some fun new tiny dichro frit (frit flakes). See at
A new booth, The Glass Galleria, had some awfully cute vegetable and other cutouts that Lori and I will be figuring out what to do with. See some of their stuff at
Slumpy’s ( is now offering, not just reasonably priced molds but also table lamp bases to go with some fun molds for draped lamp shades. Lori, Amber and I have been buying molds from them for a while and like their prices and service.
ProFusion Studio has some quite exciting glass pattern dichro designs. See at
Other fun: Lori & I watched an exciting glass-cutting contest at the beginners, advanced, and pro level (much fun and a certain amount of blood…). Several of our favorite instructors, including Phil Teefy, Peter McGrain, Michael Dupille, and others competed. Lori & I had our bets on Peter, but Phil (older, less flashy, but perhaps more accurate) of Rainbow Glass managed to win the prize.
The South Point Hotel has added another great restaurant to its many existing ones, namely a sushi restaurant–Zenshin, which we thoroughly enjoyed.

 Mary1 This post was written by Mary Young. When Mary isn’t making glass, she makes the worlds most delicious chocolates! Mary also serves as the Guild Secretary.

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Fun with Glass in Las Vegas!

The Glass Art Guild was very well represented at the recent Glass Craft Expo in Las Vegas. Lori Scharf and I attended and we just about tripped over a Guild member or spouse everywhere we went, especially around the Expo exhibit floor. We also did our customary Italian dinner night at Don Vito’s at the South Point Hotel, again graciously organized by Guild member Pat Wittmann (please join us next year, if you can; contact me or Pat).

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Incorporating Texture Tiles in Stained Glass – Guest Post

What can you do with a texture tile?

It’s fun to play with clay – it’s a nice change from glass – but once you’ve made that awesome texture tile what do you do with it? There is a detailed blog post here if you want to create your own: Texture Tile Molds for Fused Glass Thanks Jodi McRaney Rusho and Glass With a Past!
Since I already had some autumn leaf colored glass on hand I thought I’d start with this tile:

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