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Visit our One World Show until May 31, 2014

Now until the end of May, One World Gifts and Gallery in Sugarhouse is hosting an exhibition of 14 artists from the Glass Art Guild of Utah. If you are looking for a gift or something to enliven your home,stop by and be amazed. Check out our Facebook page to see our photo gallery from this show: Glass art Guild of Utah Facebook Page.

One World Gifts and Gallery opened 2013. Their mission is to sell fair trade imports and locally produced items.The Gallery highlights local artists in rotating monthly exhibits.

The Glass Art Guild of Utah was founded about 15 years ago by a group of artists to educate,inform,and encourage the medium of warm glass. Artists join the guild to create friendships with like minded,learn from each  other,host well-known glass artists from the wider world, and sell glass art in annual shows.

What comes to mind at the mention of glass art is either stained glass or blown glass. Warm glass still needs plenty of heat,1400 degrees, give or take a couple hundred degrees, and a kiln.The term’ warm’ then distinguishes it from the before mentioned categories. The past 30 years have witnessed a renaissance of this art form. It is possibly the most innovative and exciting art form today. One has only to Google a bit to be flooded with possibilities from wearable art to architecture.

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Glass Art Guild of Utah show at the Eccles Community Art Center

Looking forward to the next great guild show at the Eccles Community Art Center in Ogden.  Mark it on your calendars now, as we will see you there!

Eccles Ogden Glass Art Guild Show









Eccles Ogden Glass Art Guild Show info

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January Meeting and New Officers

As Cheryl Merz, former Vice President steps up to begin her term as President, the following were also nominated and elected to positions: secretary: Mary Young; treasurer: Melinda Frewin (both of these are two-year terms); vice-president: Amber Scheid (two-year term, then two-years as president); public relations: Jodie McDougall; website: Kerry Collett; catering: Kathy Watt; education: Jack Bowman; demo coordinator: Cindy Larsen; and show chair—general: Steve Teuscher; gift show coordinator: Kerry Collett; Patrick Moore show coordinator: Melinda; Ogden-Eccles show coordinator: Mike Hurst; and Red Butte show coordinator: Susan Salvesen (all committee chair positions are one-year commitments).

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January General Meeting

The January General Meeting will be held on Jan. 15th at 10 a.m. at Spectrum Studios, 197 Malvern Avenue.  This meeting will be the election of new board members and committee chairs.  Please consider volunteering to chair a committee, it is very rewarding and fun!

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September General Meeting

Our September meeting will be the annual Glass Art Guild Potluck and BBQ.  We will be meeting at Sugarhouse Park, please stay tuned for details regarding times and potluck options.

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Demo for July Meeting

Our July Demonstration was about screen/pot melts.  Lori Scharf presented a detail technique involving screens and Charlie Best presented the “Rube Goldberg” method of pot-melts.

Rube Goldberg Method:

Stack the glass in a form. I usually cut a base piece to stack the glass on. The following photo illustrates one way of stacking the glass – like cordwood.

Stacked Glass - Prefire - courtesy of Charles Best


Fire the glass using the following firing schedule:


R                     T                      H


600                  1000                20


600                  1600                60


999                  1500                45


999                  900                  90


100                  700                  – At this point let the kiln cool down to ~150.


The following photo illustrates the glass melt.

Melted Glass - Rube Goldberg Method - courtesy of Charles Best





The finished product:

Finished Rube Goldberg Melt Project - courtesy of Charles Best
Thank you to Charlie for a great step by step!

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8th Annual Gathering of Glass, Group Exhibit

Glass Art Guild Show at Patrick Moore Gallery

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