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January General Meeting

The Guild had great turnout for the January general meeting.  We enjoyed a lovely breakfast and elected new committee chairs.

Guild Meetingin January of 2013









The new board for 2013 is:

Cheryl Merz, President

Amber Scheid, Vice President

Mary Young, Secretary

Melinda Frewin, Treasurer

Show Committee Chair, Steven Teuscher

Education Comittee Chair, Lori Scharf

Demonstrations Coordinator, Pam Wilson

Catering Committee Chair, Kathy Watt

Website Committee Chair, Jodi McRaney Rusho

Public Relations Committee Chair, Robert Beck

Thank you to everyone who signed up to be on a committee!

Glass Art Guild General Meeting

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Member Spotlight – Jodi McRaney Rusho

Recycled Glass Artist-Jodi McRaney Rusho









Why Recycled Glass?

When Jodi first started out to be a glass artist, she spent all her money on a kiln and so couldn’t afford to buy art glass. Instead she reused bottles, windows, etc. She looked for information about recycled glass art, including online, and found nothing. Continue reading

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2013 Message from the President

Guild President Cheryl Merz

Glass Art Guild of Utah 2013

A Year of Expanded Vision & Flourishing Talent

To many, a new year means a new beginning and the permission to approach life from a new perspective or travel in a different direction.

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Member Spotlight – Suzanne Larson

Suz Larson – Member Spotlight


About commissions…We have heard over and over again that when we’ve put glass in a show and even if we don’t get sales, we’ve got our name out there and sooner or later, we hope, someone will remember our name and get back to us. We say, “yeah, yeah, yeah,” and we all know it’s not going to happen! Continue reading

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Updating a Booth Display

Sometimes it’s difficult to switch gears from making glass art to displaying and selling your glass art. With a season of Christmas shows upon us, Mary Young and I did a fun exercise in updating a booth display with just a can of spray paint and a trip to the thrift story.

First, Mary set up her usual display on my driveway (yes, that is my scary carport full of glass).

Display Before





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Member Spotlight – Roger Child

Roger Child

When I work with hot glass, I enjoy seeing the fluid movement of glass, seeing something not exactly alive, but it becomes alive. There is an immediate gratification from working with a method that doesn’t take weeks to see the end result. Working with hot glass is so much in the moment. Continue reading

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Glass In the Garden Opening

Thank you to all of our members, patrons and friends who joined us for the opening of the Glass in the Garden exhibition.  The award winners are as follows:

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Incorporating Texture Tiles in Stained Glass – Guest Post

What can you do with a texture tile?

It’s fun to play with clay – it’s a nice change from glass – but once you’ve made that awesome texture tile what do you do with it? There is a detailed blog post here if you want to create your own: Texture Tile Molds for Fused Glass Thanks Jodi McRaney Rusho and Glass With a Past!
Since I already had some autumn leaf colored glass on hand I thought I’d start with this tile:

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Member Spotlight – Matt Jackson

Matt Jackson

What I enjoy about working with hot glass is how flexible it is and how  quickly it stops being so manageable. I like the challenge of the time window I have to create the piece.

I like nature, and when you make a fish or a flower out of glass, it seems that the juxtaposition seems a little out of place, not like a painting or woodwork. I like natural things done out of metal and glass. I like to have a general idea or direction when I work with glass, but the glass does take its own organic form. I really like flowers and fish. I’ll take an idea of a flower, rather than a specific flower, and then see how it morphs into its own kind of flower. I don’t try to make fish look like any kind of fish and the shape changes as I work with it.

I like to create pieces of blown glass, neon, and fused, and really enjoy combining all three techniques.

My favorite thing about my work is both other people’s reaction to it and my own reaction to the work. A lot of my motivation is curiosity to see what will happen. Opening the kiln is like Christmas morning. No peeking!

I started blowing glass at my dad’s sign company, Jackson Signs and Designs, when I was 19. I was taught by 80 year-old Gordy Smith and a crazy guy named Jim from Chicago.

I blew glass for commercial neon architectural lighting and borosilicate sculptures for the next 20 years. In 2006, I began to apprentice and blow off-hand glass with Mike Stevens. In 2010, I realized we were throwing away a lot of broken pieces of “garbage glass” and started recycling it, melting it in a kiln into fish and other designs.

When I’m not playing with glass, I spend time with Ashley, Lily, and Belle, chasing elk, playing claw hammer banjo, and trying to understand the Snake River.


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10th Annual Glass in the Garden










Red Butte Garden is partnering with the Glass Art Guild of Utah to present their 10th Annual Glass Art Show, from Friday, November 2 through Sunday, December 16th.

At the Opening Reception on Sunday, November 4, 2-5 p.m., glass art lovers can meet and ask questions of the Guild artists.

The Garden’s annual Open House and Art Fair will also be on December 1 and 2, from 10 am to 5 pm. Some of our Guild members plan to be there at Red Butte during those days to answer questions of patrons.

The Clown Figures depicted above are from two of three fused glass paintings that were created at a recent Guild workshop, taught by Peter McGrain. These all utilize his vitri-fusaille technique, which he has taught worldwide. These pieces will be sold to benefit the Guild’s Education Fund.

Red Butte Garden

300 Wakara Way

Salt Lake City, UT

Daily 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.

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