Annual Glass Show & Sale at Red Butte Garden!

We are happy to announce that the Glass Art Guild of Utah will be having our Annual Glass At the Garden show and sale at Red Butte Garden this holiday season! The show runs from November 5 through December 20, 2021. The hours for the glass show are 9:00 AM to 5 PM daily, with free admission to the show. Also, join us for an Artists’ Reception, November 6 from 2-5 p.m.

Our artists have been busy creating unique jewelry, decorative and functional bowls and platters, whimsical garden art, glass paintings, and sculpture. Visit us throughout the show as artists add new jewelry regularly, and new decorative and functional art will be added mid November.

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Our Next Exhibit!

Show cancelled due to COVID-19 restrictions.

work in progress for upcoming show
Artist, Dana Worley

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Glass at the Garden 2019

Saturday, November 2 was the opening day for the Glass Art Guild of Utah’s Annual Glass at the Garden show and sale at Red Butte Garden in Salt Lake City. This year, 37 of the guild’s artists are participating, and on opening day, there were over 1000 pieces of beautiful fused glass art!

The opening reception was lively with visitors who came to admire the glass, perhaps purchase items for themselves or for holiday gifts, and to congratulate the artists who were recognized this year for their amazing talent and creativity.

The show runs through December 17 and is open daily from 10 AM to 5 PM. Admission to the glass show is free of charge.

Below, you’ll find photographs of this year’s award winning art. Congratulations Artists!

Best of Show Overall Dan Cummings “Look at You, Look at Me”

Best of Show Jewelry Jodie McDougall “Cactus Necklace”

Best of Show Fused Glass (Non-Jewelry) Barbara Wesley “Aspen Spring”

Award of Excellence Lampwork (Jewelry or non-jewelry) Jodie McDougall Beaded Necklace

Award of Excellence Fused Glass Jewelry Mary Young “Murine Set”

Non-Jewelry Awards

Award of Excellence Fused Glass Art Linda and Tom Stout “Yellow and Black Millefiori”

Award of Excellence Mixed Media Lori Scharf “Pink Iris”

Award of Excellence Mixed Media Honorable Mention Connie Lundberg Poppies (the body of work)

Award of Excellence Functional Art Ben Booth “Symbols”

Award of Excellence Functional Art Honorable Mention Dana Worley Cast Oval Boxes

Award of Excellence Wall Art Barb Busche “Distant Autumn”

Award of Excellence Wall Art Honorable Mention Diane Whittaker Tapestries pieces

Jurors’ Choice Awards

Onno Mattheus “Portal”

Barb Busche “Colors of Fall”

Diane Whittaker Murine Bowl

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Save the Date! Glass Art Show & Sale, 11/2 – 12/17/19

Connie Lundberg, Artist

Our artists are looking forward to their annual glass art show and sale at Red Butte Garden in Salt Lake City, Utah. Visit us November 2 through December 17 during regular garden hours to find a variety of artisan-crafted one-of-a-kind gifts. Artists’ reception November 2. Free admission to the art show!

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Fused Glass Mold-Making Workshop

Fused glass mold-making fun!

In March 2019, several members of the Glass Art Guild of Utah participated in a mold-making workshop taught by fellow guild member, Jodi McRaney-Rusho. We learned about white clay and how to knead, roll, and shape the clay to our desired forms. Several students made texture tiles that can be used to create a pattern in fused sheet glass. Other students made plate and bowl molds in unique shapes. These molds will be used to slump or drape glass. Glass casting molds were also explored. Jodi used her ceramic kiln to fire the tiles and molds to a bisque state, which makes them capable of withstanding the high temperatures used with fused glass.

We are looking forward to seeing the glass pieces created from these fun ceramic and plaster molds!

For other fun and informative fused glass classes offered by the guild or its members, check our Classes section of the web site!

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Fused and Lampworked Glass Coral Reef Workshop

June 12 & 19, 2019

Glass Coral Reef lighted shadow boxes

Members of the The Glass Art Guild of Utah learned to create a glass Coral Reef scene in a lighted shadow box. We made components for our pieces by firing them in the kiln and lampworking them using a torch. The components were arranged on three layers of glass and then each layer was fired at a different temperature to give the layers depth. The next step was to wire LED strip lighting to illuminate our scenes. A handy on/off switch that sits close to the frame allows the LEDs to be easily turned on and off. 

Many thanks to our instructors: guild members Kerry Collett, Jodie McDougall, Onno Matteus, and John Whittaker.

Special recognition goes to Onno Matteus who developed this technique.

Close-up of glass coral reef
Guild members working on components for their glass coral reefs

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Heating things up at GAGU!

In March 2019, the Glass Art Guild of Utah enjoyed a terrific class given by member artist Wayne Jacobsen on how to create murrine cane. Murrine first appeared in history over 4000 years ago and was popularized by Venetian glasscrafters in the early 16th century.

Artists stacked glass in Wayne’s stainless steel pot design, learned about the order in which glass flows through the pot, and then pulled over 100 feet of murrine cane. The group also learned how to create intentional designs in murrine. 

Additionally, artists got to try out Wayne’s Lazy Chops murrine chopper and got a demo of his electric, programmable murrine chopper.

We look forward to seeing how the Guild’s artists will incorporate this technique into their artwork!

GAGU members enjoyed learning about creating murrine canes in a March 2019 workshop.

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2018 Annual Holiday Show at Red Butte Garden

The Glass Art Guild of Utah kicked off its annual holiday show at Red Butte Garden on November 3. Red Butte’s atrium was bustling with glass artists, lovers of glass art, and shelves overflowing with beautiful glass!

The Guild would like to congratulate the following talented artists who received awards at this year’s event.

  • Best of Show, Sarinda Jones, “Skin”
  • Best Fused Art, Sarinda Jones, “Transpire 1”
  • Best Functional Fused, Barbara Busche, “Aspen Trees”
  • Best Whimsical, Connie Lundberg, “Five Poppies”
  • Most Technically Difficult, Barbara Busche, “Walk Through the Woods”
  • Best Mixed Media, Suz Larson, “Plum Copper Vine”
  • Best Fused Jewelry, Kaleen Knight, “German Silver Dichro”
  • Best Lampwork Jewelry, Jodie MacDougall, “Flight Risk”
  • Best Lampwork, Jodie McDougall, “Koi Marble”

We hope you’ll be able to join us for this beautiful display and sale of glass (and maybe even pick up an item or two for holiday gift-giving)! The event will run through December 18 at Red Butte Garden. The artists will restock on the following dates, which means new items will be made available throughout the show!

  • Thursday, November 15
  • Thursday, November 29
  • Friday, December 7

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Save the Date! Glass in the Garden 2018

Image of colorful fused glass piece

Annual Glass in the Garden show and sale

We’ll be returning to Red Butte Garden this fall for our annual Glass in the Garden show and sale, November 3 – December 18, 2018. Make sure to include a stop at the Garden during this time for beautiful, one-of-a-kind artisan gifts.

The garden is open daily. Most days we’ll have artists on-hand to talk about our art and assist you with purchases.

Artists’ reception: To be Announced

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Glass Art Guild of Utah Recognizes the Best of Its Spring Show

The Glass Art Guild of Utah is pleased to announce the awards for its Spring Show and Sale. The exhibit is being held at the Pioneer Theatre’s Loge Gallery, which is on display through the end of May (see previous articles, below). The Guild recognizes the artists for their skill, creativity, and uniqueness in fused glass art. Here is the list for the 2018 show:

Best of Show, Connie Lundberg

Best of Show Large glass flowers, by Connie Lundberg

Best Fused Art, Ben Booth

Best Fused Art Kings Court, by Ben Booth

Best Functional Fused, Dana Worley

Best Functional Fused Tuxedo Bowl, by Dana Worley

Best Lampwork, Onno Matheus

Best Lampwork Palao, by Onno Matheus

Best Novelty, Jan Harris Smith

Best Novelty Garden Bells, by Jan Harris Smith

Most Innovative or Technically Difficult, Diane Whittaker

Most Innovative or Technically Difficult Open Vessel, by Diane Whittaker

Best Mixed Media, Diane Whittaker

Best Mixed Media Fish Panel, by Diane Whittaker

Best Fused Jewelry, Lori Scharf

Best Fused Jewelry Fused Glass Pendant, by Lori Scharf

In addition to these artists, the Guild would like to recognize its other members who participated in the show: Sharon Bresin, Barbara Busche, Kerry Collett, Ruth Ann Garner, Linda Kalmar, Suzanne Larson, Jodi McRaney-Rusho, Kathi Olsen, Joe Perretto, Amber Scheid, Takara Scheid, Kathy Watt, and Mary Young.

The Guild would like to thank Kandace Steadman (Finch Lane Gallery), Dan Cummings (Spectrum Glass Studio), and David Estes (David Estes Studio Art Gallery) for graciously volunteering their time to judge the event.

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